From: Amanda Simondson (ajs@IEOR.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 14:13:07 CDT

Original question:

>Is it possible to connect an HP Laserjet 6MP from one of it's
>parallel ports to an SS20 DB-25 port?
>If so, can someone tell me what kind of cable would do the job?
>If it turns out that I do have to use an existing HP 4MP with
>a serial port, can someone also advise me on what serial cable
>I would need for this (null-modem or straight-through)?
I was unaware the SS20 had a parallel port (as indeed were others
who replied to me). It does, but needs a special cable, as the port
is a slimline 26.

Many thanks in particular to Dan Pritts, Ric Anderson, and Niall O
Broin for pointing this out to me.
Most of the responses I received were directed towards connecting
to a serial port or directly to the network, however parallel ports
and Appletalk are all the 6MP comes with.
Thanks to:
Bismark Espinoza
Celeste Stokely
Brian Desmond
Jason Keltz
Richard Skelton
Robby Jackard
James L Bovitz
David Robson
for replying.


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