summary: probe-scsi-all hang up system

From: Ying He (
Date: Mon Jun 23 1997 - 07:42:34 CDT

I did sent out summary, by anyreasons i have not recieved myself, so I am sending
again now:


Shut the machine down to the ok prompt
Disable auto-booting ("setenv auto-boot? false" at the ok prompt)
reset the machine ("reset" at the ok prompt)
When it returns to the ok prompt, do a probe-scsi-all
note the results
Re-enable auto-booting ("setenv auto-boot? true" at the ok prompt)
reset it again ("reset" at the ok prompt)
wait for the reboot...

original question:

>Hi, managers:
>We just bought Ultra Enterprise 3000, I installed OS and system
>can show all devices when i used prtconf command. But in the ok
>prompt, every time I used probe-scsi-all, the following messages
>showed on the console:

I lost the managers who sent me the answer after I sent out last summary. Sorry.
I appreciate all people who sent me the answers. Thank you.


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