SUMMARY: create new shell, new environment

From: Andrew H. Evans (
Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 - 14:16:55 CDT

First, thanks to: Peter M Allan, G.J.W. Hagenaars,
Brion Leary, Jim Harmon, Karl E. Vogel, and Matthew Stier,
just for responding and sharing their ideas.

The best answer for my environment turned up in my 99th
web search, a version of newgrp that accepts arguments.
It provided exactly what I needed with only slight
modification. The version I'm working with is available
fixes and such from Paul D. Smith psmith@BayNetworks.COM
I will not and cannot attest to its fitness or reliability.

- Andy

The Original Query:

> Rather than create generic accounts for groups to use, I proposed
> I would come up with a way to create a shell with a new environment.
> Most people forget to change their umask, etc., when working in a
> group dir and thus request generic group accounts. I consider them
> a security lapse and no one is really accountable.
> I would like to be able to source or script into a new csh or tcsh
> with umask, prompt, cwd, maybe title modified, and perhaps have the
> option of sourcing a file in the new dir. This proved more challenging
> than I originally imagined, or perhaps I've overlooked something.
> Moving the users's .cshrc around via an alias would work but persents
> other problems -- I'd rather have a script or source file if possible.
> This way user would type exit to return to the previous env.

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