SUMMARY probe-scsi-all hang up the system

From: Ying He (
Date: Fri Jun 20 1997 - 12:25:09 CDT

Just a couple of hours I recieved a lot of replies, thanks for
following peoples and some coming... Ian Manuel Mark de Roo Scott Dave

                   setenv auto-boot? = false
                   reset-all (hit stop-A right away)
                   setenv auto-boot? = true

I am attaching the -email from Mark de Roo, I have not try it.


> Collection: Internal SRDBs
> Document: 13189
> SRDB ID: 13189
> STATUS: Issued
> SYNOPSIS: Probe-scsi hangs on Ultras
>> Probe-scsi hangs on ultras if you do a probe-scsi
> after a halt or stop-A.
> If you look at OBP command reference manual, the probe-scsi
> done any other way produces unpredictable results,
> that is, OBP will not know the state of system when it was halted.
> OBP cannot control what state the system ends
> up in when it is halted; therefore, it doesn't know what part needs to be
> re-initialized back to a known state. The part(s) that needs to be
> re-initialized might depend on the drive, or when the Stop-A was done, or the > version of the booter, or the OS that was running, etc.
> So the correct way of doing a probe-scsi is:
> Stop-A to get to ok prompt
> ok setenv auto-boot? false
> ok reset-all
> ok probe-scsi \ check your output
> ok setenv auto-boot? true \ reset auto-boot? and boot
> ok reset-all


Thanks a again.


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