SUMMARY LS on root directory

From: Gary Franczyk (
Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 - 09:03:28 CDT

Hi there.

My problem:>
> >
> >Our main file server / NIS+ server for some reason will not allow me to
> >do an ls -F or an ls -l on the root directory.
> >
> >I have tried this both by logging into the machine console and by
> >rloging in.
> >
> Ok... Upon further inspection, i determined that it was the /vol
> directory that is corrupt (or something.)
> I did a:
> $for i in `ls`
> >do
> >ls -ld $i
> >done
> and it stopped running on the /vol directory. When I try to change
> directories into that /vol directory, It locks.

Thanks to Francis Liu I found out that the volume manager daemon had
died and somehow messed up the access to the /vol directory.

Last night I started the vold daemon with the rc2 script, and this
morning, when I got in, it was back to normal.

Gary Franczyk.

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