From: Les Forster - EEA/SP (
Date: Tue Jun 17 1997 - 19:42:34 CDT

Thanks for all that responded!
A response from Jim Harmon seemed to make a logical explanation. (Thanks!)

Check all your WINTEL (NT/95) users' printer configuration.

Look for "Capture Printer? Y/N" switches. If anyone has "Y" selected,
they now "own" the print que(s) even if the que physically resides

I've had this happen 3 times where new WINTEL users were trying to learn
the available options on their boxes. It's a minor thing, but because
anyone with win95 or NT can do it, it gets frustrating.

Original question....

I have a rather strange problem with 2 HP JetDirect cards as follows.
I have around 25 networked printers at one of our remote sites. Users can
print from Windows and UNIX platforms by means of a SunOS 4.1.3_U1 SPARC4
print server which is also a DNS secondary.
PC's and UNIX spool (running Samba) to this print server which subsequently
spools to predominantly Emulex NetQues. There are 2 HP JetDirect cards which
work fine on all of our other sites but not this one.
Printing will work fine then for no apparent reason will stop. I cannot ping
this address ip or name.
I had stumbled accross the fix by doing an arp -d printq. As soon as this is
done I can then ping this node.
I have checked the ether address (range 08-00-09-**-**-**) on these two cards
- all ok.
The arp cache has not reached the 512 number - all ok.
I have pretty much ruled out h/w.
The NetQues have no problem (range 00-00-c9-01-**-**).
Have looked through quite a few ip books no help. SunSolve mentions a few
problems but nothing like this.
I have also tried a static entry into the arp cache for these 2 aswell as
updating NIS ethers file.
I cannot think of any explanation???

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