SUMMARY:running filemgr (as root) dumps core on Ultra2 using 2.5.1

From: Stevan P. Meck (
Date: Mon Jun 16 1997 - 07:13:59 CDT

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I have looked at Sunsolve, checked my file of Sun-Manager summaries and hit my head on the desk several times , but I am at a loss as to why a regular user can login to the ultra and filemgr works (but it opens TWO copies of wastebasket and filemanager) and even CD's are recognized.

But as root, openwin will give me one console, one command tool and nothing else.
If I type the command for filemgr, I get a "Segmentation fault" core dump.

It is probably something simple, but I can't figure it out.

I have loaded patch 104010, but it didn't seem to make any diff.

I will summarize any solutions received.


I wish to thank the three folks who responded to my request,it did allieviate the situation.

>From Erick Cedeno:

This is not quite a solution, but once I saw this on a client's Ultra2. Whenever he tried openning the filemgr as root he got a segmentation fault.

What I did back then was to execute

# filemgr -d /

the -d switch opens the filemgr from any other directory specified. It opened right away, and never again had this problem. Maybe is a bug with a patch, but as I said, it has never happened again, so I'll wait for your summary to understand it.

(sorry erick, I can't enlighten you further but your response was the winner for me, thanks)

>From Carlo Cosolo:


    Check out your users .cshrc (for c shell) or .profile and see
if you are executing any commands to start the extra apps. The console
and filemanager are started from /usr/openwin/lib/openwin-init
you may have duplicate or overlapping commands.

(you were right, I messed up my openwin-init.....)

Finally from:Marc S. Gibian

There is a patch that specifically fixes this. I'm afraid I don't have time to
search through all our Solaris 2.5.1 patches to determine which one it is. Let
me know if you can't find the right patch number in the next few days and I'll
do the digging.

(thanks for the offer!)

Again my thanks for the responses....

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