SUMMARY: Location of getrusage(3C)

From: Kevin Warren (
Date: Mon Jun 16 1997 - 03:44:22 CDT

Thankyou for all your replies and my apologies for not stating that my
OS version is Solaris 2.4.

[Casper Dik]
For Solaris 2.4 the location is /usr/ucblib/

[Harvey Wamboldt]
For Solaris 2.5 the location is /usr/lib/

Harvey also supplied a useful script which could be modified to locate
other functions:

#! /bin/csh
cd /usr/lib
foreach i (*.so *.a)
echo $i
nm $i | egrep getrusage

On my system 'nm' is found in /usr/ccs/bin, but Harvey tells me that it
may be in /usr/local/bin.

Kevin Sheehan informed me that 'ruseage' info can be supplied by gtime
which is the GNU version of time.

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