SUMMARY: adb and examining running process

From: scott hollatz (
Date: Fri Jun 13 1997 - 11:53:12 CDT


        We need to examine the environment variables set in a running inetd
        on a SPARCcenter 2000 under Solaris 2.5. This inetd was not started
        at boot.

        Are there adb commands to do this? What memory offset, etc? I
        haven't used adb in a while.

        Any info and alternate solutions (except writing code to be launched
        by inetd) is appreciated. Will summarize.


Most people suggested using '/usr/ucb/ps -aewwwx | grep inetd' and this
works fine for this situation.

I did _not_ want to use the currently running inetd in any way, except
indirectly. Some people suggested launching a program from inetd that
simply prints the environment. This was not an acceptable solution since
inetd was not trusted. :-)

Other solutions included proctool, pmap, getting inetd to dump core then do
a strings. Some of these worked, some didn't. No one suggested adb commands.


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