SUMMARY: Filmgr tries to execute files when it shouldn't

From: Sean Ward (
Date: Thu Jun 12 1997 - 16:20:56 CDT

Dang this list is quick! Before I had even seen my own post I received a

Many thanks to (Peter Schauss x 2014) for telling me
to add the line

        map archive = no

to my smb.conf. This did the trick!

Thanks to anyone else who has already sent suggestions if I haven't received
them yet.

Original post below:

>We have a mixed environment of Sparc 10's running 4.1.3 and Win95/NT boxes.
>The Win95 users are accessing the Sun files with Samba 1.9.16p11. There are
>programs that are created on the PeeCee boxes and then saved on the Sun, to
>be viewed later by the Sun users. Because of peculiarities with Samba, these
>files have the execute perm set for the user - but not for group or other.
>Here's the problem: When one of the Sun users - who didn't create the file -
>tries to double-click one of the PeeCee-created files via File Manager,
>filemgr tries to execute the file, even though the filemgr user doesn't have
>execute permissions on the file, and the file isn't even meant to be
>This seems to be a bug in filemgr, where it assumes that anyone should
>execute a file even though only the user has the permission to do so.
>I checked Sunsolve, and while there are several bugs that are very similar
>this, none of them were close enough to be much help.
>I also realize that this problem could be avoided by a simple chmod.
>Unfortunately, our user group here is neither sophisticated nor patient
>enough to do this. They just want to double click in filemgr and expect
>everything to work properly.
>Thanks in advance, and I'll summarize
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