summary: NIS+ SUN and Alpha

From: Ying He (
Date: Thu Jun 12 1997 - 11:09:38 CDT

I have recieved some responses, I am attaching below:

Thanks for all people who responsed.

Ying He
Only Solaris runs NIS+. Digital systems don't know NIS+. The closest you can
come is run your NIS+ server in NIS mode and connect up your Digital systems as
NIS clients of your NIS+/NIS server.

Marc S. Gibian
Telos Comsys phone: (617) 377-6350
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                        well, maybe:
              and if all else fails:

As far as I know, only Sun has ever shipped a NIS+ implementation. Ergo,
your Digital boxes cannot be NIS+ clients.


Stuart Kendrick
Network Services

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> NIS+ is new enough that I would go ahead and test this
> particular configuration myself if I were you. Once you
> get some test results, forward them to the list and let
> them help out then.
> Mark Spooner


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