[SUMMARY] Many Sendmail.cf Question

From: Chi Man Wu - SAN (wuc@hkmail.sps.mot.com)
Date: Thu Jun 12 1997 - 03:18:10 CDT

Thanks to Rich Pieri <rich.pieri@prescienttech.com> for suggestion

My original problem is :
        My company already exist a centralize email machine. What I
        want is set up a mail server for my department. I already
        install sendmail v8.8.5 (Solaris 2.5.1)
        Requirement :
        A) One main mail server, "mydepartment",
        Other machine set as null client.

        B) If the "TO" user not belong to my department, mail
        system forward those email to company email
        server "companymail".

        C) user receive email send by my department staff
        From : userA -> From : userA (No Change)

        D) other department staff receive email send by my department staff
        From : user A -> From : userA@mydepartment

        E) outsides receive email send by my department staff
        From : userA -> From : userA@mydepartment.domain.com

        M4 macro for my department mail server :
        VERSIONID(`mydepartment.mc Man Wu 4 June 1997')

        I can deliver the email, when I send to other department (Requirement D),

        From : userA -> From : userA@mydepartment.domain.com

        My question :
        Q1) How to configure in order to meet my requirement
        Q2) During my testing, for undeliver email will send to postmaster with
            body of messages, how can I delete the body due to privacy
        Q3) What is the different between "MAIL HUB" and "SMART HOST"
        04) If I define the userdb like this
                userdb file:
                userA Man_Wu_userA
                The outgoing will be rewritten as "Man_Wu_userA", if someone send
                the email to "Man_Wu_userA@mydepartment.domain.com", Is userA
                receive this email ??

        05) What is the priority between alias (on NIS+) and userdb,
                Alisas file (on matter on files or NISplus)

                User db
                userA Man_Wu_userA

Suggestion from Rich Pieri :
You should get "the bat book" (sendmail) from O'Reilly & Associates, by
Eric Allman and others. It is the canonical reference for sendmail, and
you should have it if you are doing anything "funky" with your sendmail.cf.

Result :
        So far, I am study "bat book", and not solve any question yet ..

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