SUMMARY: how to make a copy/second bootdisk

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Date: Tue Jun 10 1997 - 01:29:03 CDT


>> How to make a copy/second bootdisk on a SunOS 4.1.3_U1 ? <<

Solutions provided by (Sundaram.r)
An alternative was given by (see bottom)
Thanks to all of them.

1) Connect both disks to the system. Reboot (single user).

2) Format, label and create new filesystem on the new disk
    according to the original boot disk.
                   /usr/etc/newfs /dev/rsdxa

3) Copy over the data to the new disk. This must be done
    for all the partitions and verify.
                   /usr/etc/mount /dev/rsdxa /mnt
                   cd /mnt
                   /usr/etc/dump 0f - /dev/sd0y | /usr/etc/restore rf -
                   /bin/rm /mnt/restoresymtable
                   cd /
                   /usr/etc/umount /mnt
                   /usr/etc/fsck /dev/rsdxy

4) Run installboot on the new disk.
                   installboot -vlt /mnt/boot bootsd /dev/rsdxa

An alternative was given by
                   dd if=/dev/rsd0a of=/dev/rsdxa
                   change SCSI id of new disk to that of the original
                         and replace the disks.

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