SUMMARY: Can't open file system.

From: Antonio Rene Hernandez Cordero (
Date: Sun Jun 08 1997 - 18:08:14 CDT

        Hi, I would like to thank to

Glenn Satchell
Cruz Araceli Carrizosa
Bismark Espinoza
Farzad Mansour
K. Ravi
Mike Salehi

        for their answers.
        The problem was easy to solve. I checked the scsi ids in the back of the
device and I noticed that they weren't right then I corrected the position,
and the filesystem loaded ok. I think I moved the switch when I turned on
the disk. Well, it could have been another problem, and I think that what
people above adviced me could be useful, then here a summary of that goes:
- Check cabling and scsi ids in the scsi controllers
- Try to mount the device in another directory (as a test)
- Check using format:
        - If the number of disks that appears is the same that you have connected.
        - If the number of cylinders, the beginnig and the end of the cylinders
are ok..
- Check the scsi id settings
- Use probe-scsi at the new-command-mode (ok prompt) to see if the scsi ids
appear and if there is no one conflicting with another.
- Check the kernel.
Antonio Rene Hernandez Cordero
Centro de Estudios en Informatica y Estadistica
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

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