SUMMARY: File Size, Integrity etc. checking program

From: S. Varshney (
Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 - 19:54:23 CDT

Original Question posted to this group:
Solaris 2.5.1, Sparc20 platform
One of the requirements I'm having to deal with is before runtime, checking
the "integrity" of files in about 20 directories that contain binary/ascii
files all related to 2 "mission critical" programs.

Any tips on how this will work would be greatly appreciated. The solution I
have thought about is file size, date stamp, and checksums on directories.


I was able to compile on this sparcstation, Tripwire a program created by
Purdue University's CS team.

It has standard file checking procedures of all kinds (time stamps, inode,
size, ..) and also implements "hash functions" as md5 and snefru to create
"digital signatures" of the files that you want it to check.

Compilation was done using gcc 2.7.2, Configuration is quite easy, and I
was able to scan standard system directories on the sparc20 in about 12
minutes and make it detect the most minor of changes.

Program is located at

Thanks to everyone who replied!!


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