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Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 10:38:38 CDT

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I recently inherited two SPARCstorage Library 10 tape 8mm backup units
attached to a SPARCserver 1000. These units have bar code readers which I
would like to take advantage of. Unfortunatly, I cannot find anything in
the documentation about what type of bar code is used and how I may
create my own. We do own a Brother P-Touch 520 wich will to CODE 39, UPC-A,
CODA-BAR and CODE 128. I realize we can buy labels from Sun Direct but
we would like to create our own.

I'll summarize helpful responses. Thanks.

It turns out the SPARCstorage Library Bar Code Label uses CODE 39 with
VERY detailed specifications about #chars, label dimansions etc.

Thanks for the responses from:

>From Thu May 22 14:24:39 1997

I would not attempt to create my own. We had some bar codes made up
that would not work with this Library - EXB-210. The dimensions of the
label must meet a certain spec - which I can FAX to you plus a lot of
other information. I went through this last year and now have all the
info - even venders. The vender we use is Councell Computer Products,
Inc., 4041 Powder Mill Road, Calverton, Md. 301-595-0020. These need
to be Sun certified Bar Code labels. Send me you FAX # and I will send
this info.
Wang Government Services
McLean, Virginia 22102


>From Thu May 22 10:18:54 1997

Exabyte has a document describing there specifications.

Call them up and ask for them.

The info may also be available from thier website.

Matthew Stier


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