Summary: Quantum Fireball 2.1GB SCSI

From: Hans Schaechl (
Date: Wed Jun 04 1997 - 05:35:45 CDT

Dear SM's!

Here I summarize the answers I got from you; thanks!


My question was:

> here I have a Quantum Fireball 2.1GB SCSI
> harddisk, aka TM-21S by Quantum.
> Is there any known incompatibility with Solaris
> 2.5.1 drivers and SCSI-specs? Tagged command
> queueing and so?
> I want to run this drive in a SPARC-4-85MHz
> with Solaris 2.5.1 installed.

These were the answers, all saying that there shouldn't
be a problem: (Rick Fincher'):
We are running a Quantum Fireball 3 gig drive as a boot disk in a Sparc 10 with
no problems under Solaris 2.5.

        Dan Pritts <>:
given that sun ships the quantum fireball 1.0G as the stock drive in
sparc 4 machines nowadays you should be fine (and you should be fine
anyway, in general, i've used all sorts of drives on suns and almost
all of them worked fine, i do remember one IBM drive out of an RS-6000
that didn't work in anything but an RS-6000).
get scsiinfo or scsiping from the net and they will interrogate
the drive and give you a disktab entry for it.

        Gnuchev Fedor <>:
no problems are expected - you can add it in external box without stopping
machine and try out. Should work without hitch.

        "Feist, Bruce" <>:
I'm using one such drive under 2.5.1 on a SparcStation 1+; I'm not
having any problems that I'm aware of.

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