PsuedoSummary-SS20 CPU and Memory Swap

From: Bob Bennett (
Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 13:40:40 CDT

My apologies for not summarizing this sooner - but I've received
conflicting answers to the question - and have yet to perform the
operation - Paraphrased answers are below.

My Original Question:
 I've got 2 Sparcstation 20's configured as follows:
 System A
 384MB RAM
 (4) 125MHz Ross RT625 CPUs
 Solaris 2.4 w/ Jumbo Kernel Patch
 Bunch o' disks
System B
(2) 60MHz TI TMS390Z55 CPU's
Solaris 2.4 (No jumbo kernel patch)
Bunch o' disks...
Simply stated, my question is this:
I've been asked to, in effect, swap the CPU's and memory
on these two machines - reversing their roles in our network,
but without the headache and trouble of moving the disks, and
changing lots of scripts that specify machine names, etc.

Can it be just that easy? Simply pop the CPU's and Memory out
and 'boot -r' ? Or is there something sinister waiting to bite
me if I try that.. (some hideous rebuilding of the kernel or some

Answers (Paraphrased...)

  -You Sure can, you don't even have to boot -r.

  -It's that easy, but check system boards for clock speed jumpers

  -You'll have to remake the kernels... Look out for the ether's database
  as each machine has a predefined ethernet address. Disable the
  ethers db before attempting the swap.

  -If you swap the CPU's you will have a REAL headache. The machines
  ID is the CPU. It's MAC level address is on it. I would swap out the
  memory and the drives.

As you can see... The answers contradict each other.. having
never performed such surgery, I can't speak as to who's statements
are the most accurate... and I don't have the luxury of time to experiment
with the machines in question... I may end up biting the bullet
and attempting it (in which case I will post results) but
I don't look forward to the possible problems... If anyone can shed
any additional light on the problem, I'd welcome more input.

Many thanks to:
James Brigman Sanjay Patel Rasana Atreya
Chil - Chihli Lu Avi Levin Glenn Satchell
Jim Harmon Michael McGeown Jay Lessert


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