SUMMARY: Dedicated Sun SIMM tester

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Tue Jun 03 1997 - 08:21:22 CDT

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> Does there exist a device specifically designed to detect
>bad Sun memory SIMMs - and give some diagnostic info
>(eg refresh rate, size, etc)?

Yes, but as Matthew Stier points out, they are a little pricey.
The model Chuck Smoko pointed me to lists for over $1500.
For that price I can afford to take a sparc 20 out of production
for a few minutes and test SIMMs using the test-memory
diags in the boot prom.

Check out:
for the "Chroma" model SIMM tester which to be fair sounds
like it gives a lot of diagnostic info.

Thanks again to:
 (Chuck Smoko - T11)

         "Matthew Stier" <>

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