FOLLOWUP: Connecting two hubs

From: Dave Wreski (
Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 10:42:56 CDT

I received quite a few other responses over the weekend, and I wanted to
be able to include a few more of the best. I also wrote a function to
find user names, hence I've included the list of people that helped me
out. Hope I didn't forget anyone..

1. From Jens Fischer <>

A good starting point for Ethernet questions is the following web page:

Details on crossover wiring can be found at:

2) From David Sinn <>

Look to see if one of the hubs has a switch that says either
uplink/downlink or MDI-X/MDI. If it has either (normally is it the first
or last port of the hub), then just plug a cable from the first hub into
the port in question on the second. If you don't get a link light on
each, change the position of the switch. If you do get a link lite, you
are all set.

3. From: "Andrew H. Evans" <>

Thanks again. Here is a list of the people that helped me out:

 "David Sinn" <>
 "David M. Davisson" <>
 Alex Finkel <>
 Erwin Fritz <>
 Stephen Harris <>
 Arthur Hyun <>
 Frank Sargent <>
 James Cayz <>
 Steffen Kluge <> (Gary Carr)
 Jim Harmon <>
 TEOH Pek Chan <>
 "Andrew H. Evans" <>
 Srinivas <> (Ing. Felipe Tribaldos)
 Srinivasa Rao Duddupudi <> (David Mitchell) (Donnelly)
 Stuart Kendrick <>
 Juyoung Park <>
 Andy Mitchell <>
 Luca Pizzinato <>
 Jens Fischer <> (Steve Butterfield)
 Marcelo Maraboli <> (Bill Kruchas)
 Justin Young <>
 Jim Beers <jbeers@LANcomp.COM>
 "Shrirang A. Alulkar" <>
 Sandeep J Rege <>

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