SUMMARY:[Q] limit user to use "su"

Date: Mon Jun 02 1997 - 17:10:53 CDT

Thank you for so many people give me the answers. Someone suggest use "sudo"
and most of them suggest following way:

Solaris does not have a similar setup, but there _is_ a way around it:

- Create an 'su' group,
- assign everyone that you want to have access to that group,
- chgrp the su executable to that group,
- chmod the su executable to disable its use by 'others'.

My original post:
> We have SOLQRIS 2.5 on SU SPARC computer. In BSDI UNIX I need put user
> on "wheel" group to allow then to use "su". Does their has similiar way
> I can use to limit user use 'su"? Thank you for help.

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