SUMMARY: Calendar change

From: Chad Crawford (
Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 11:14:37 CDT

        There is a calendar conversion program included with Solaris 2.5 called
sdtcm_convert, and many people gave recommendations about where to look to
find a conversion program. It turns out that the solution is much easier
(and embarrasingly simple). All that is necessary is to move the calendar
files and make sure the access rights and ownership is set correctly. Many
thanks to those who took time to respond.

Thanks go out to:
David Ritch
Mason J. Katz
Eugene Kramer
Dr. Tom Blinn
Tom Barkanic
Sanjaya Srivastava

        We are moving our users from a SUN running OS4.0 to a DEC alpha runnin
OSF1 V4.0B. As a part of this move, we need to export the
callog.<username> calendar files created by the sun calendar program 'cm'
to something readable by the 'dtcm' calendar program provided with V4.0B on
the alpha. Does anyone have any ideas how this can be accomplished? The
files created by the two calendar files are named the same, but have vastly
different contents.

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