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Date: Fri May 30 1997 - 11:11:50 CDT

        sorry for delaying the summary, but I've not been into work for
the last few days.

My question was basically that if you have a terminals connected to the
serial ports of suns,
If the terminal is turned off, the machine hangs. Is there a work around?

This has been described as a "feature" to enable you to stop the machine
and bring it to the
rom monitor should you need to, A BREAK signal is sent to the machine.

The work arounds are as follows:-

1. modify the cables with pull up resistors to prevent the BREAK signal
being sent.
        I've been informed to search
 and for info.

2. Purchase from sun CONSULT-ZSBRK which is a replacement serial line
        Info for this is available:- "" use "info"
as the subject
         or "send zsbrk" for help.
        prices (u.s.) ! single licence (per cpu) $1,350.00
                         Two or more (per cpu) $!,000.00
                          Enterprise $5,000.00
3. Wait for solaris 2.6 It is reported to include the above product free.

I will seek out the wiring diagram of the cables and post it soon. if all
fails Garry robbins kindly
offered to pull apart one of these contraptions to see what is inside for

Thanks to :-
        Garry Robbins
        Ric Anderson
        John D Groenveld
        Charles Rhoades
        Benjamin Cline
        Alan Hill
        Stephen Richardson

Mark Sowerby

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