SUMMARY: PPP configuration problem

From: Steve Kilgore (
Date: Wed May 28 1997 - 10:35:34 CDT

First off, thanks to those of you who generously responded to my
My Original Question was:
> I am having a problem setting up a SS2 running Solaris 2.5.1 to
> be a PPP server to PC computers. I have read the appropriate answerbook
> documentation and the man pages on aspppd but I still can't seem to get
> the configuration I need setup correctly. I have tried a lot of different
> configurations, but nothing seems to work completely right.
> When I set up the /etc/ file according to the man pages so that the
> IP address for the PC is assigned by the Sun, I get an error on the PC
> (specfically Windows 95) stating "Dial up Networking could not negotiate a
> compatable set of protocols you specified in the server type settings. Check
> your network configuration in the control Panel then try connecting again." I don't
> think the problem is at the PC however.
> Below is a sample of my /etc/ file that causes this error:
> ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb dcappp01 netmask down
> ifconfig ipdptp1 plumb dcappp02 netmask down
> path
> interface ipdptp*
> inactivity_timeout 900
> peer_system_name guest
> negotiate_address off
> peer_ip_address pchost01
> path
> interface ipdptp*
> inactivity_timeout 900
> peer_system_name guest2
> negotiate_address off
> peer_ip_address pchost02
> If however I change the ifconfig lines in the /etc/ file to:
> ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb dcappp01 netmask pchost01 down
> ifconfig ipdptp1 plumb dcappp02 netmask pchost02 down
> or I manually set the interface with ifconfig to have both the remote and local IP addresses
> then the PPP configuration seems to work with the Windows 95 client (but
> only if the Windows 95 client selects the "[X] Bring up terminal window after dialing"
> and manually enters the login ID and passwords. If the "[ ] Bring up terminal window after dialing"
> is left blank, then the automatic login/password/PPP negotiation by Windows 95 fails. This seems
> to be true for Windows NT clients as well.
> I have patches 104516-02 and 104482-01 (ppp related patches) both installed on this system.
> I would greately appreciate any ideas you might have. I could also use a "working" /etc/ file that is
> configured for a similar setup.
> Thanks in advance. I will summarize of course.
> Steve

To summarize, the general consensus was that Sun's PPP daemon supplied with
Solaris 2.5.1 is buggy and not to be trusted. Myself and others have noticed that the debug flag doesn't
even work as expected (or at all sometimes). Sun's PPP may suffice however, if you can get by with only one
modem, and you are not talking to Windows 95 clients. Beppe Coffano suggested we look into Sun's
commercial product, "Soltice PPP". It is supposed to be more robust and less buggy.
Brian Wells suggested that it may not be the PPP but my getty. He
said they use "mgetty" and it works fine with Windows 95 without having to use the terminal window in Win95.

Scott Tinsley suggested:
"Depending on the version of Win 95 you have, you may need to download
the login scripting software so that your Win 95 client can
automatically negotiate the login prompts and start PPP on the SUN.
Check the site for the download. With this you can
automatically login w/out the terminal window."

Several people suggested I check out the following web site. I did and it was very helpfull. (Home of Unix Serial Port & Sysadm Resources)

We are currently looking at Suns commercial product, "Soltice PPP". Anyway, we haven't decided on
anything yet, but when we are happy with something, I'll write those of you (who requested) back
with our solution.

Thanks again,

Steve :)

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