SUMMARY: PPP configuration problem

From: Steve Kilgore (
Date: Tue May 27 1997 - 15:40:16 CDT

First off, thanks to those of you who generously responded to my request.

My Original Question was:
> I am having a problem setting up a SS2 running Solaris 2.5.1 to
> be a PPP server to PC computers. I have read the appropriate answerbook
> documentation and the man pages on aspppd but I still can't seem to get
> the configuration I need setup correctly. I have tried a lot of different
> configurations, but nothing seems to work completely right.
> When I set up the /etc/ file according to the man pages so that the
> IP address for the PC is assigned by the Sun, I get an error on the PC
> (specfically Windows 95) stating "Dial up Networking could not negotiate a
> compatable set of protocols you specified in the server type settings. Check
> your network configuration in the control Panel then try connecting again." I don't
> think the problem is at the PC however.
> Below is a sample of my /etc/ file that causes this error:
> ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb dcappp01 netmask down
> ifconfig ipdptp1 plumb dcappp02 netmask down
> path
> interface ipdptp*
> inactivity_timeout 900
> peer_system_name guest
> negotiate_address off
> peer_ip_address pchost01
> path
> interface ipdptp*
> inactivity_timeout 900
> peer_system_name guest2
> negotiate_address off
> peer_ip_address pchost02
> If however I change the ifconfig lines in the /etc/ file to:
> ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb dcappp01 netmask pchost01 down
> ifconfig ipdptp1 plumb dcappp02 netmask pchost02 down
> or I manually set the interface with ifconfig to have both the remote and local IP addresses
> then the PPP configuration seems to work with the Windows 95 client (but
> only if the Windows 95 client selects the "[X] Bring up terminal window after dialing"
> and manually enters the login ID and passwords. If the "[ ] Bring up terminal window after dialing"
> is left blank, then the automatic login/password/PPP negotiation by Windows 95 fails. This seems
> to be true for Windows NT clients as well.
> I have patches 104516-02 and 104482-01 (ppp related patches) both installed on this system.
> I would greately appreciate any ideas you might have. I could also use a "working" /etc/ file that is
> configured for a similar setup.
> Thanks in advance. I will summarize of course.
> Steve

To summarize, the general consensus was that Sun's PPP daemon supplied with Solaris 2.5.1 is buggy and
not to be trusted. It may suffice however, if you can get by with only one modem, and you are not talking
to Windows 95 clients. Brian suggested that it may not be the PPP but my getty. Changing to mgetty
may solve our problem as he suggested. I may try that. We are also looking at Suns commercial product,
"Soltice PPP". It is supposed to be more robust and less buggy. Anyway, we haven't decided on anything
yet, but when we are happy with something, I'll write those of you (who requested) back with our solution.

Following are the 5 responses I received.

********** Suggestions **********

>From Tue May 20 20:09 PDT 1997
From: Brian Wells <>
Subject: Re: PPP configuration problem
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 22:55:31 -0400 (EDT)

The problem is not in ppp but rather the deamon that communicates with the modems. The only answer I know of to do authentication without using the terminal window is to use mgetty. We used it for quite a while and it is slick. Read the instructions and be sure to compile it with the autoppp option.

Brian Wells
Klondyke's Online Services


>From Wed May 21 00:48 PDT 1997
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 09:41:42 +0200
From: Rob Pieters <>
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To: Steve Kilgore <>
Subject: Re: PPP configuration problem
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This file works fine :


ifconfig ipdptp0 plumb sunppp up

        inactivity_timeout 300 # Approx. 2 minutes
        interface ipdptp0
        peer_system_name xxxppp # The name we log in with
        peer_ip_address yyyppp
        debug_level 1


sunppp : is the IP-address for the serial connection on the server site xxxppp : is the loginid for starting the connection (/usr/sbin/aspppls) yyyppp : is the IP-address of the ppp-client (Win95)

Every client that connects gets the same fixed IP-address (yyyppp), this is not a problem because we only have one modem so only one client can be connected at a certain time.

Check the following webpage to get more information about this :



>From Wed May 21 05:20 PDT 1997 Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 05:19:04 -0700 From: (Celeste Stokely) To: Subject: Re: PPP configuration problem

Check out the Sun PPP FAQs and How-Tos we have listed at

...Celeste Stokely, Unix System Administration Consultant Stokely Consulting, 211 Thompson Square, Mountain View CA 94043 - Voice: 415.967.6898 - FAX: 415.967.0160 - Home of Unix Serial Port & Sysadm Resources


>From Thu May 22 05:33 PDT 1997 Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 08:32:11 -0400 (EDT) From: Scott Tinsley <> To: Subject: Re: PPP configuration problem


I have had similar problems getting Win 95 to PPP in to a Solaris 2.5.1 box. Sun has offered very little help. Alo, the debug flag on aspppd does not work anymore. This is a bug I reported to SUN.

You can turn on a PPP debug log on the Windows side. I am not sure if SUN can tell you much with the file, but if you have support from Microsoft ( I can't afford it) , they may be able to tell you where the SUN PPP server fails.

I have successfully used Win 95 PPP to dial in a local ISP called Erol's Internet with no problem, so I suspect the SUN is the culprit.

Depending on the version of Win 95 you have, you may need to download the login scripting software so that your Win 95 client can automatically negotiate the login prompts and start PPP on the SUN. Check the site for the download. With this you can automatically login w/out the terminal window.

Please let me know how and if you resolve this problem. I have been chasing this down off and on for months. I don't require dialin to my SUN via PPP, but it would make my life much easier.

Good Luck!!

Scott Tinsley Phone: 703-904-4340 Systems Engineer Fax: 703-834-6922 The Allied Group, Inc. Email:


>From Fri May 23 01:31 PDT 1997 Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 10:24:17 +0200 From: (Beppe Coffano) To: Subject: Re: PPP configuration problem Cc:

Hallo Steve,

it seems you are using the PPP version bundle with the operating systems. We also, and until now :-( we've got a lot of problems. Regarding the problem you mentioned, we encountered it also, but at the moment I don't remember the way we solved it (in any case I've just forwarded your messages to my collegues). If it can be useful for you, we use that Sun PPP assigning statically each user its own IP address. On the client side (we have Win31, Win95 and Mac) we suggest our people to use a script (we provided them) to connect and therefore to unset "[ ] Bring up terminal window after dialing" . We inserted some delay inside the connection scripts. In any case at the moment we are not satisfied of that PPP ; we are evaluating the commercial version called Solstice PPP, that should (I strongly hope so !) be more robust and should have more functionalities. Be free to contact me for further details.

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