SUMMARY: [Q]: JetAdmin for UNIX (sparc) D.02.10

From: Randy (
Date: Mon May 26 1997 - 15:46:49 CDT

The solution was to rename the user called 'install' in the /etc/passwd
file to a different name.


Questions and responses follow below.


> I get an error of:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> /var/tmp/dstreAAAa002.5/HPNP/install/request:
> /var/tmp/dstreAAAa002.5/HPNP/install/request: cannot open
> pkgadd: ERROR: request script did not complete successfully
> Installation of <HPNP> failed.
> No changes were made to the system.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> when using 'pkgadd -d solaris.jetadmin.package all', I have not been able
> to determine why this occurs, I removed the old jetadmin, and when I went
> to install this new version, I started getting the error above.
> OS: 2.5.1 (sparc UE2)
> My /var/tmp has the mode of 777.
> I will summarize.
> -rc

Here were some of the possible solutions....

Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 17:10:27 -0700
From: Systems Admin <>
Subject: Re: [Q]: JetAdmin for UNIX (sparc) D.02.10

Running as root? If yes... just trash /var/tmp/dstr.... and install.

Date: Fri, 23 May 97 07:13:00 PDT
From: "Winslett, Robin W." <>
Subject: FW: [Q]: JetAdmin for UNIX (sparc) D.02.10


 Here's what's going on:

The jetadmin package was built with files originally owned by 2 users. If
you truss
the pkgadd, you'll see that the package sets the ownership of the request
file to
UID 8744 with permission 660. If UID 6106 exists in your passwd file or
for some reason the pkgadd tries to run the request script as that UID.
doesn't have
any problem doing this if the UID doesn't exist.

The Solution is to pull UID 6106 temporarily from the passwd file. Once
jetadmin has been installed, you can restore the account. I've reported
bug to HP already.

Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 16:41:57 -0700 (MST)
From: Ric Anderson <>
Subject: Re: [Q]: JetAdmin for UNIX (sparc) D.02.10

>My /var/tmp has the mode of 777.
/var/tmp better be mode 1777 :-)

However the real cause is pkgadd does some of its work as uid nobody,
so you need to have world read (and exec for directories) in the
tree where the HPNP package is located.
Ric (<> "Ric Anderson", using RTD's public internet access)


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