SUMMARY: JetAdmin software and alternate paper tray for banner sheet

From: Jim Reisert (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 09:04:43 CDT

Richard Skelton ( was the only one to
respond to my query.

He suggested using the 'lp' command with options:

        lp -d hp_printer -o btray2 <file>

The 'btray2' option says print the banner from tray 2. In our case, tray 2
has colored paper. This works fine for programs where you can control the
print command, but not for programs which spool directly to the print device.

With his help I was also able to locate the model file for the printer and
change the banner page tray on a global basis. On my system, the file was
found in:


where 'hp4si' is the name of my printer queue. In this file, I changed the
definition of 'bannerpagesrc' from 'def' to '4' which selects tray 2 as the
default banner tray.

Again, thanks to Richard for his leads.

- Jim

Jim Reisert <>		SMC Massachusetts, Danvers, MA

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