SUMMARY: [Q] Does their has free or cheaper NFS client 95?

Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 17:34:01 CDT

Thank you for so many people give me the answers. As far as I know. WIndows 95
does NOT boundle with NFS client, and their does NOT have any FREE NFS client
on the market or Internet. Their have several trial and buy NFS 95 client
product on Internet you can download for 30 or 60 days. The cheapest NFS
client 95 is $45. I think SUN NFS 95 client may be the good choice. The
list price is $80 (my reseller give me $65). I download it from SUN and
tried. It look pretty nice.

My original post:
>>We have several SUN SPARc computers (SOLARIS 2.5). I knew I can put
>>SAMBA on UNIX to allow win95/NT client to mount, BUT some of UNIX system
>>are out of my control. Does anyone has suggestion any free, shareware or
>>cheaper NFS client software that can put on Win 95/NT to mount UNIX file
>>system? Thank you for help.

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