SUMMARY: Help: NIS+ screwed-up!

From: Steffen Kluge (
Date: Tue May 20 1997 - 19:09:00 CDT

Hi managers!
Well, I didn't wait for your responses (I figured I couldn't even
receive mail with root not being able to see the passwd table!) and
fixed the problem. I just reverted to the old root password (why could
I do this - I shouldn't be able to re-use old passwords, should I?),
took last night's backup tape and restored the /var/nis directory as
well as /etc/.rootkey. Problem solved.

Thanks to Rasana for pointing me to SunSolve SRDB ID 15047. I found
that I took the first one of the two solutions they offer! The second
one was dumping all tables to files and recreating the namespace...

Bottom line: better get your backup straight when you are adventurous
enough to use NIS+ ;-)

But I think this is how it is supposed to be: when you couldn't even
lock out yourself how can you expect to lock out a cracker?

Thanks for your time

Steffen Kluge <>
Fujitsu Australia Ltd
Keywords: photography, Mozart, UNIX, Islay Malt

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