SUMMARY- Serving Windows Software from UNIX

From: Craig L. Gruneberg (
Date: Mon May 19 1997 - 09:16:52 CDT

My orginal plea for help follows:


Anyone know if Windows 95 or NT apps can be served to Windows 95 or
NT clients ( PCs ) from a server running UNIX, like Solaris?


I was familiar with the SAMBA product but I thought it's capabilities
did not stretch to sharing MS (prefer not to utter the words
M--roS--t!) binaries.

My concerns were addressed by a few respondents as they mentioned
problems with dlls and Windows install programs ( like setup.exe )
causing client hangs when executed from a SAMBA drive. Sluggish
performance was also mentioned when compared to locally installed

Also mentioned was a security problem with Win95 version 4.00.950 and SAMBA.
Supposedly MS has a patch for this.

Thanks to all 28 respondents for their recommendations for:

-NFS for NT or Windows 95

-SAMBA (article in May '97 Sys Admin on setting up Samba, )

-Insignia- Ntrigue and Softwindows 95

-TAS (Totalnet Administration Services) from Syntax (

-WABI and remote-X

-NFS client like Maestro from Hummingbird Communications

-CENTRIX's WinCenter Server


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