SUMMARY: cron doesn't run jobs at x:x0?

From: Stein, Doug (dstein@firstfloor.COM)
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 11:50:57 CDT

Thanks to those who responded so quickly.

A quick recap of the problem:
We noted that jobs that were scheduled to run at times ending in zero
weren't happening. I asked if this was a known problem and if a patch
was available.

Subsequently, I discovered:
The problem was *not* restricted to times ending in zero - it was just
coincidental that the episodes that triggered everything were scheduled
at zero times. A number of jobs were being skipped throughout the day.

Summary of responses:
1. A couple of folks confirmed that they had seen jobs at times ending
in zero fail to fire off. Both indicated that they simply rescheduled
jobs to run 1 minute later. [Would work, except for later discovery
that other jobs were getting missed, not just times ending in zero. I
suspect that people tend to notice when time zero jobs don't run,
because they are often "sexy" jobs that generate regularly reviewed
output - this was certainly our experience.]

2. Glenn Satchell ( had not seen jobs being missed,
but did point me to patch #103690-02, which claims to solve the
following bugs:

        Patch-ID# 103690-02
        Keywords: cron NIS NFS hang stat initgroups fields crontab
        Synopsis: SunOS 5.5.1: cron patch
        Date: Dec/03/96

        1255421 *cron* cron jobs are not always executed
        1178638 *cron* job doesn't run if set to run on 2 fields in fields 3, 4
or 5 of crontab
         (from 103690-01)
         1230784 *cron* can lose jobs when NIS or NFS servers hang

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