SUMMARY: Trouble Booting from Ext. Disk

From: James Kwong (
Date: Fri May 16 1997 - 13:11:01 CDT

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Original question:

>Got an old SS1+ Rom Rev. 1.3 (sun4c) with the following disks allocation:
> - 2 99MB internal disks with SCSI# 1 and 3 and a
> - 1 1GB external disk on SCSI# 2 (setup as the boot drive).
>After I installed 2.5 on it and do a 'cold boot', the external disk drive
>has no response, it just stuck there with a message "booting from: sd(0,2,0)"
>No response at all. If I boot from CDROM and do some disk activities on
>that external drive (like mount or fsck) and then reboot, it spins up alright.
>Searched through Sunsolve with keyword "external disk" and found SRDB ID: 5379
>saying external 424MB scsi drive does not boot with targets 0 or 2 on
>SUNOS 4.1.1.
>Q1. Does this also apply to a 1GB external disk drive on a Solaris 2.5
> machine?
>Q2. If not, what should I try next? Should I set those 99MB internal disk
> drives as the boot drive instead?


Almost everyone pointed out there's a jumper on the disk drive board
that will automatically spin up when power-on. I looked up the
disk manual and the factory default have it set to 'disable spin'.
So, I opened up the external 'lunchbox' cover and took the jumper
out, which is 'enable spin' (jumper 'E5' on a Conner 1.05GB disk drive).
Then, the ext. disk drive cold-booted up without any problem.


-- James.

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