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From: Jonathan Loh (
Date: Thu May 15 1997 - 16:21:12 CDT

        Kudos to all of you sun sysad guru's. Especially to Dieter Gobbers
(whose advice I took) only because he was the first responder, Jeff Wasilko,
Jim Harmon, Rudy Yu, and Stephen Harris. Their responses are listed below.
To recap my question was:

> I'm having a problem installing a new drive. format will not see it.
> When I start the system it also gives me the following warning:
> Warning: /sbus@1f,0/espdma@e,8400000/esp@e,8800000/sd@2,0 (sd2):
> corrupt label - wrong magic number
I assume you are using Solaris 2.x:


than format will see the drive. Allow format to 'label' the drive or it
won't be usable by the system.

Greetings, Dieter Gobbers
From: (Jeff Wasilko)

You're getting this message because the disk has no label.

Format isn't seeing it because you probably didn't do a boot -r
to reconfigure the system.

Once you do that, you can use format to partition and label the

>From Thu May 15 13:48:01 1997

first type

        file -c

to check your /etc/magic file

Then try umounting sd2 so that you can use the format command

        (select drive sd2)

(that should fix the label.)
>From Thu May 15 13:35:21 1997

You are trying to install a "non-Sun-supported" hard drive to your system. If you
are using Solaris 2.x, you need to go to the EEPROM mode (i.e. ok mode), and
"probe-scsi" to ensure the system recognize all your SCSI devices. After that you
need to do "boot -r" to have Solaris reconfigure the system (and rebuild your
hardware device tree). When you back to the system prompt (#) and do "format", you
should be able to see your new drive. Of cause, you can change the default partition
table, just make sure you label the drive.

For SunOS 4.1.x, you need to get the hard drive entry for the "/etc/format.dat"
>From Thu May 15 13:19:28 1997

Shutdown and halt, so you drop into PROM mode, then from there "boot -r".
This will tell Solaris to build the /dev/ and /devices/ entries and then
"format" should see the disk OK no problem.

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