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Date: Mon May 12 1997 - 12:13:01 CDT

The problem,

>>We have a requirement to get our Spar 5s running PC emulation software
>>to enable our users access to Novell MHS.

>>So far we have used Softwindows v2.0 for Windows(Insignia Solutions).
>>This worked, and allowed us to access & login to Novell.

>>The only problem with SoftWindows is that it does run very slow.

>>What I would like to know is if there are any other recommended PC
>>emulation software packages that would support novell netware client
>> and run at a decent speed. If so I would really like to know(please
>>also include supported platforms)

>>Many Thanks

>>Paul Baldacchino.......Tech Support Rank Xerox LTC


Thanks to

Marc S Gibian:--

Beppe Coffano:--|

Benjamin Cline:--

Edward c Zimmermann:

Randall D Floyd:

The most popular solution suggested, by far was the use of SUN's
SUNPC range. This is basically a hardware(SBus Card) and software
 emulation package. It can run MS-DOS, Windows 95 / 3.1. It will also
 support most PC network protocols / OS.

There are 2 types of Card available with the package.

SunPC4.1 ---> Provides an SBus card with 133Mhz AMDprocessor.
                Marc Gibian(mentioned above) said the performance of this was
                 The only drawback seems to be that it is only available for
 Solaris 2.3+

SunPC3.1 --> This is similar but runs an Intel 486 DX2 66Mhz. The big
                of this is the support for SUNOS 4.1.x. Edward Zimmermann (above)
                commented that this also performs well.

More info on sunpc can be found at,

Another solution offered by Beppe Coffano is to run NT with WinDD, here it is.

I'm not so experienced in Novell networks, but (I think) enough in PC
 emulation inside a Unix environment.
So, I'd suggest to get rid of the classical emulators and take a look
 at the so called distributed desktop environments.
What I refer is an NT server running products whose names are : WinDD
 (Tektronix), NTrigue (Insignia), Wincenter (NCD).
These environments are built on top of NT using the Winframe (Cytrix)
 multiuser extension and are well integrated into Unix environments
 (for example they could run NIS).
So what you realize are native Windows session running on the remote NT
 server and displayed on the Unix machine using either the standard X
 protocol or the Cytrix ICA protocol.
I suppose that in the NT o.s. you can easily find Novell Netware client
These distributed desktop solutions are extremely faster than any other
 classical emulators (Softwindows, Wabi, etc.).
For further details be free to contact me again.
Useful info can be found on to the respective www servers.
Hope this can help you.

Thanks to everyone who responded. We shall be testing SunPC4.1 and SunPC3.1.

Regards Paul Baldacchino


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