SUMMARY: korn shell vs bourne shell on Solaris 2.5.1

Date: Thu May 08 1997 - 08:07:19 CDT

     Thanks to all who replied:
  (James T Ranks)
     John Justin Hough <>
     John Ballard <>
     Glenn Satchell <> (Vasu Vuppala (DCCI))
     Mike Nibeck <>
     The ORIGINAL question is at the bottom of this message. The majority
     of you answered with the following:
     The pipe that was used runs as a subshell.
     From the sh man pages:
     Because commands in pipelines are run as separate processes, variables
     set in a pipeline have no effect on the parent shell.
     Again, thanks to all who responded.
     Hello all,
     I have a shell script that I am trying to run which parses through our
     Oracle Database file (oratab).
     Korn Shell seems to value a variable within a WHILE statement, and
     re-value it AFTER the WHILE to its original value. Is this normal for
     the Korn shell????
     cat $ORATAB | while read LINE && [ "$db_there" = "NO" ] do
     case $LINE in
     \#*) ;; #comment-line in oratab *)
     ORACLE_SID=`echo $LINE | awk -F: '{print $1}' -`
     # Set up environment and export for called programs if [ "$ORACLE_SID"
     = "${dbn}" ]
     then db_there="YES"
     echo "$ORACLE_SID in oratab : db_there is $db_there."
     ORACLE_HOME=`echo $LINE | awk -F: '{print $2}' -`
     echo "after done, db_there is $db_there"
     if [ "$db_there" = "NO" ]
     then echo "${dbn}:${ORACLE_HOME}:N" >> $ORATAB
     I set db_there to its initial value (NO) at the top. Then db_there is
     set to YES if the value is found in the oratab file. BUT, after the
     script executes the "done" for the "which" statement, it seems to
     re-value db_there to NO again.
     Does anyone have an explanation for this???? Any suggestions would be
     VERY MUCH appreciated.
     Toby Potts
     Policy Management Systems Corporation

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