SUMMARY: what's wrong with my include file?

From: Mark Inaba (
Date: Wed May 07 1997 - 16:51:18 CDT

        Thanks all to those who responded to my exceedingly
elementary post. The reason I was having problems compiling

#include <sys/socket.h>
is that i needed #include <sys/types.h> above it

        It did indeed clear up my problems after which i
promptly ran into another problem where i was sending
too many arguments to a function (and when i looked
into the file i couldn't find a single instance of that function..
setpgrp... hmm, so my thrill and optimism only lasted about
30 minutes (i had to write a program to insert types.h everyhere
i could in the distribution package. alas..
        erm, so if anyone has successfully compiled the
COW server with netrek (blush) please drop me a line to
clue me in on how it's done. :) I'll just have to live with
a client i guess

it was such a small problem that allowed me to advance such a short
distance i feel like someone who who's trying to climb up
a wall and say's hey, can someone down there give me a push,
and about ten strong hands all push and i bump head into the
ceiling :)

thanks go out to:
"William L. Hamlin" <>
"Jeffrey S. Pokallus" <> (Ray Trzaska) (Kurt Werth ph2493)
Robert Augustine <>
"Christopher M. Conway" <> (Nadya Williams)
Jim Beers <jbeers@LANcomp.COM>
"Boyko, Steve" <>
Steve Kilgore <>
Harvey Wamboldt <>
Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <> (Brian Desmond)
Juyoung Park <> (Frank Pardo) (System Administrator)
Rafael Napoles Rodriguez <>
Richard Skelton <>
Mariel Feder <>

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