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From: Larry Zins (lzins@sequana.com)
Date: Mon May 05 1997 - 10:19:54 CDT

Hi, just to summarize what the solution is...
My original posting was:

> Hi, has anyone figured out how to get a .signature file
> to be automatically included in your outgoing email,
> *if* you use Sun's mailtool? I have used the
> Include -> Templates feature of mailtool, but you still
> have to do it manually.
> Thanks for any help.
> Larry Zins
> Unix Systems Support <-- Manually typed out :(
> Sequana Therapeutics

The easist solution was to add a line like the following
to my ~/.mailrc:

set sendmail="/home/lzins/.signmymail"

and then in the file .signmymail:

if ( -e $HOME/.signature ) then
   cat - $HOME/.signature | /usr/lib/sendmail $*
   /usr/lib/sendmail $*

Most solutions were just variations of this.
A little akward but do-able.

Thanks for the help,

Not typed out manually anymore:


Larry Zins
Unix Systems Support
Sequana Therapeutics


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