SUMMARY: HELP - boot problems ( nevermind)

From: Al Aldrich (
Date: Sat May 03 1997 - 06:43:37 CDT


It was the bootblock which had somehow gotten munged.
I ran 'installboot' from the original /usr and all was fine.


I have an OLD sparc workstation which had been running
4.1.2 and it got mysteriously hosed yesterday. I went to reboot it and
it wouldn't boot. It gets an error when loading vmunix saying

checksum d0a25841 != 5f583357 trying to boot anyway

illegal instruction


back to the prompt. I can boot off of a 4.1.3 CD I have but it
won't boot from the vmunix that is there on disk.
I couldn't seem to do much from the CD shell so I went ahead
and installed the 4.1.3. miniroot and booted off that. That worked
fine, so mounted /usr and copied the latest kernel build from the
4.1.2 system back to the original root partition and rebooted
but I still get the same thing. Now I can consistently boot from
the miniroot partiton (b) but not from the root partition (a)

The question is this.. did I mess up by installing the miniroot?
Is there now no way that I am going to be able to boot from a 4.1.2
vmunix? Did the miniroot install change something in the boot block
that I could possibly change back?

Any help at all would be useful.


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