SUMMARY: Problem compiling sendmail after installing bind on Solaris

From: Mark Fergusson (
Date: Fri May 02 1997 - 06:27:59 CDT


Original Question:
1. After compiling bind-4.9.5-P1 on Sun Solaris 2.5 I have problems
>sendmail 8.8.5. Is this related to the bind compile ?
>Configuration: os=SunOS, rel=5.5, rbase=5, rroot=5.5, arch=sun4, sfx=
>Making in obj.SunOS.5.5.sun4
>gcc -o sendmail alias.o arpadate.o clock.o collect.o conf.o convtime.o
>daemon.o deliver.o domain.o envelope.o err.o headers.o macro.o main.o map.o
>mci.o mime.o parseaddr.o queue.o readcf.o recipient.o savemail.o srvrsmtp.o
>stab.o stats.o sysexits.o trace.o udb.o usersmtp.o util.o version.o
>-L/usr/sww/lib -lresolv -l44bsd -lsocket -lnsl -lkstat
>Undefined first referenced
> symbol in file
>__dn_skipname domain.o
>ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to sendmail
>2. When would one need to build a "shared libary version of libresolv" ?

>I had the following from
>Well I have the same sendmail. By looking at the source files
>I see that dn_skipname is in domain.c. Also it is defined in
>/usr/include/resolv.h on some systems. But also some systems don't
>have this defined in resolv.h. There is a library in /usr/lib called
> This is a shared library and it has your dns_skipname
>in there. So by building your bind you may have circumvented using
>this shared library. There may be an option in the bind to use
>shared libraries. Check that out as well, and if so recompile it
>with the option turned on.
I tried the build with the "shared libary version of libresolv" enabled
and it then compiled.

Thanks Zod.

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