SUMMARY: Automounting remote homedirs

From: Mika Tuupola (
Date: Wed Apr 23 1997 - 18:19:30 CDT

        The problem was solved in 2 hours and it was quite obvious.
        I'll blame my poor knowledge on Solaris nfs scheme (since it
        differs from the platform I have been working with before
        [ OSF/Digital Unix, Irix, FreeBSD ])

        Solaris NFS it a bit more paranoid about who it lets to mount
        the exported filesystems (which is a good thing). Anyway here is
        the original question and summary:


        Running 2 SPARC5 machines with Solaris 2.5.1 (host-a and host-b) I
        have 2 kind of users: a) users who can only log to one of the
        hosts (host-a _or_ host-b) b) user who can log on to both of the
        hosts (host-a and host-b).
        The users who can only log to one of the host have the following
        entries in the machines /etc/auto_home :
        first on host-a
        normaluser host-a:/export/home/normaluser
        and of course on the host-b
        normaluser host-b:/export/home/normaluser
        Users who can log to both hosts have their homedirs physically
        on host-a and the following entries in /etc/autohome:
        first in host-a
        multiuser host-a:/export/home/multiuser
        and in host-b
        multiuser host-a:/export/home/multiuser

        The "multiuser" has of course all the proper entries in both
        hosts passwd files. Now the problem is when I try to login to
        host-b it doesnt mount the homedirectory from the host-a
        and I get No directory! Logging in with home=/.
        Console says (on host-b) nfs-server host-a not responding .
        Seems I am missing something quite obvious in here, like the
        proper way to set up nfs server for automounting homedirectories
        to remote machine.
        What am I missing?
        What is the proper procedure for setting up this kind of
        automounting of homedirectories?



        The problem was simply faulty line in /etc/dfs/dfstab. There

        share -F nfs -o rw=myhost /export/home

        which should have been

        share -F nfs -o /export/home

        This was all because the server machine sees the client as and _not_ only myhost. The Solaris NFS
        was a bit more paranoid than the NFS servers on platforms
        I've been used to. The correct entry in dfstab was the
        answer in my case.

        Remember to do unshare and share after you alter the

        If you have samekind of problems check also these places:

        * /etc/auto_master file on each host it should refer to

        * Then check whether you are sharing the directories on each host
          (/etc/dfs/dfstab or showmount or share after editing

        * Is the nfsserver running? (if you dont have an entry in
          /etc/dfs/dfstab the nfserver wont be run after reboot.

        * start the autofs as root /etc/init.d/autofs start on each
          client (if it isnt running?)

        Alsa it was proposed that the easiest way would be to put all
        hosts on the same netgroup (/etc/netgroup) which the filesystem
        would be exported to. This wouldnt work for me because I am
        not running nis. Would make thing much easier though.

        I would like to thank following people for their help:

        Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
        Matthew Stier <>
        Tim Carlson <>
        Kevin Tse <ktse@NVidia.COM>
        ? <>


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