Summary : How to invoke applications directly from filemanager

From: Manjeet Rekhi (
Date: Tue Apr 22 1997 - 16:16:28 CDT

Thanks for your replies. Responses fell into 4 categories :

1. Those who misunderstood it for PC and sent flames (flames returned :))
2. Those who thought I don't have adobe acrobat reader installed (I have it
   but thanks anyway)
3. Me toos (here is the summary !)
4. Those who rightly pointed at 'binder' tool (names follow). In particular,
   John Justin Hough <> came up with an example to
   help create the association.

Here is 'How to' summary :

Invoke binder tool, choose an icon, duplicate it and rename it
Adobe/Acrobat/whatever_you_feel_like. Click on "Props" and choose "Icon". Here,
click on "+" button. On Application, put "path_of_acroread_binary $FILE". Click
on "File Types" now and choose "New". Put *.pdf and hit "Apply" button.
Optionally, you can repeat this step and put *.PDF extension also so that
both these extensions will be associated with your acroread executable.
Save your work and voila, you have done it !!

As a side note, Glenn pointed out that not only extensions but file types can
also be associated with an application. That's cool !

Thanks to :

John Justin Hough <>
Cheng, Bruce <>
Glenn Satchell <>
Richard Skelton <>
David Procter
Casper Dik <>
Iskander, Tim <>
James T Ranks <>
Bismark Espinoza <>


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Hello Managers,

I got a very unusual request from one of my users. He wants to use filemanager
to open .pdf files. I have noticed that if a file named *.txt is double clicked,
text-editor is invoked to show this file. Also, if the file is *.gif, imagetool
gets invoked. How can I "associate" file extensions with an application ? I
know it is possible in PC realm but does the same exist for sun env. too ?


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