SUMMARY: Solaris on PCs

Date: Tue Apr 22 1997 - 06:10:39 CDT

OK, Solaris on PC's works absolutely fine, and well. If you wish to go down
this route, you must make sure that the Hardware Compatibility List is adhered
to implicitly, when selecting your components. Do not attempt to install it
on hardware that is not in the hardware compatibility list. Always get the
latest install disks from sun's web site. It runs on an Pentium 200 just
as fast as on a Ultra 167MHz, obviously at a lower cost.

Sun comes out with a new driver update every 3-4 months. In terms of software
however, it is somewhat lacking. It's relatively easy to port source from
sparc to x86, but there are unfortunately, few shrinkwrapped packages existing
for the x86 OS.

The installationis easy, as long as you know a little about PCs.

For information about x86, there are a couple of web sites:
News Service:

Some people, even think it beats the hell out of NT!!

And remember, with a BOOTP chip on the PC, it can be jumpstarted.

Some persons suggested Linux, but that is out of the scope of my request.


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