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Thanks for the response.

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I am going to be upgrading a sparc 20 with a storage array running
Solaris 2.5
to an Ultra running Solaris 2.5.1.

The machines will be called the same thing after the change and the
Array is moving as well. The Array is using Veritas.

Is there a utility that tells me all the files that have been modified
the initial install? This is pretty tough as we also do a lot of Post
stuff. But a list of files to check would be a good start.

Anyone done this sort of thing and had problems? I am a bit worried
moving the storage array with Veritas on it.



I did the move on the weekend and it went very well.

The Storage array moved without a hitch running the commands (from SSA FAQ
on sunsolve INFODOC ID: 13420)

1 shutdown on first system
2 on new sytem:
        vxiod set 10
        vxconfigd -m disable
        vxdctl init hostname
        vxdctl enable
3 import all other disk groups
4 mount and share!!

No problems what so ever

The machine is basically an NFS server so there was not too many files that
I had to copy accross. I found them with a find command and just went through
them manually.

Thanks again for the help.


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