From: Neil Sakuma (
Date: Thu Apr 17 1997 - 12:08:45 CDT

Original question:

> Sun Managers,
> We have a quota of 3 mebabytes for users on our server (Sun Sparc 10
> running Solaris 2.5 and Berkeley Sendmail 8.8.0). Whenever e-mail is
> sent to a user that is over their quota, that e-mail message stays in
> our mail queue with an "I/O error: Error 0" flag until it expires. Is
> there a way to immediately bounce this type of message back to the
> sender with an error message? Thank you for any assistance.

Response (I'm very sorry that I lost the address of who sent it):

> There is a setting in the file that would allow
> you to disallow any mail of more than a certain size. It doesn't come
> to me right off hand, buut if it were set to 3 MB, it would stop aany
> larger mail from delivering and having to wait to be timed out.

We have the maximum message size set to 3 megs. What I would really like
is for sendmail to check for that error (user expired due to being over
quota), and bounce the e-mail back to the sender (with some error
message) instead of queueing it. Thank you.

Neil Sakuma
Florida Online
Technical Support Administrator

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