SUMMARY: error message -- name collisions

From: MaryEllen Yager (
Date: Fri Apr 18 1997 - 14:13:38 CDT

The answer came from:

"David H. Brierley" <>

The error message was:

Name collision between aaa-18-s aaa
....yada yada yada....

Answer is:

The names you have listed are all terminal types, in particular they
are all variants of an "Ann Arbor Ambassador" terminal. If you are
actually using this type of terminal you need to look at the files in
"/usr/share/lib/terminfo/a" and resolve the conflict. Note that these
files are binary, you need to use "infocmp" to look at them. If you
are not using this type of terminal, simply go to
/usr/share/lib/terminfo/a and remove the offending files.

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