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I would like to thank the following for their guidance and

Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Ian MacPhedran <> (Miquel Cabanas. BBM-UAB)
Angel Lopez Luengo <>
Jay Lessert <>
Glenn Satchell <> (Patrick Shopbell)
Michael F Gordon <>
Andrew Mellanby <>
Richard Skelton <>


A colleague of mine has downloaded xfig version 3.1.4, using ftp.
He has built it under Solaris 2.3 using the ucb includes and libraries.
It has been built with a shell wrapper to ensure that the ucblib dynamic
libraries are called at runtime. This all works fine until he tries
to print. He receives the following:

fig2dev: illegal option -- n
Usage: fig2dev [-L language] [-f font] [-s size] [-m scale] [input [output]]

Our version of fig2dev is quite old, but when he searches for a more modern
version all he can find is Linux binaries, or source code + Makefile also
targetting Linux. Does anyone know of up to date code which will build
or Solaris?

Summary of Responses:

The basic problem seemed to be that I should have been searching for
transfig as fig2dev is bundled as part of this. Various ftp locations
were given:
        in /contrib/applications/drawing_tools/transfig
        in /computing/graphics/systems/X11/contrib/applications/drawing_tools
        in pub/X11/R6-contrib/applications/drawing_tools/transfig

A particularly useful web site mentioned was which contains
Solaris 2.5 executables of many popular public domain applications including
transfig. These can be downloaded and installed using pkgadd.

It was suggested that the Linux version of fig2dev would compile,
but I had tried this and it would not without modifying the source


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