SUMMARY: Re: Mac OT DHCP kills CMU bootp server

From: Mark Bergman (
Date: Wed Apr 16 1997 - 16:37:38 CDT

My original query had to do with the CMU bootp server (patched to
support DHCP) under Solaris dumping core and dieing when it received
a DHCP request from a Mac running Open Transport 1.1.1 or 1.1.2.
DHCP requests from Win95 machines worked fine.

The best answer was from Doug Hughes <Doug.Hughes@Eng.Auburn.EDU>, who

=> I've found a number of core dump problems in the stock CMU bootp client that
=> I've found fixed in other clients. I took the CMU server (2.5.3) modified with the
=> DD patches and integrated a couple of my own for Win95 MS Client patches.
=> You can get it at if you are interested.
=> (We have it running on a 2.5 machine right now, using bootpgw on our various
=> subnets for forwarding to the central server)

I've been running his version of the bootp server for a few days now,
and it works fine. Thanks!

BTW, no one seems to be home at CMU (none of the authors listed in the
README replied, and there doesn't seem to be any traffic on the CMU
bootp mailing list). Does anyone have a contact who could integrate
Doug Hughes' changes into the distribution version?

Mark Bergman
System and Network Administrator 212-578-0822
Public Health Research Institute Rm. 1074, 455 1st Ave, NY NY, 10016

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