SUMMARY: SPARCprinter Error J3

From: Craig H. Barker (
Date: Wed Apr 16 1997 - 07:51:10 CDT

Original Question:

>I am getting a J3 error or my SPARCprinter. I have searched the
>docs and browsed the netmanager summaries listing but can not
>find the answer. Can you help me out.
>Thank you, and naturally, I will summarize.

Thank you to all who responded and those responses yet to come in.
The concensus answer was to remove the toner cartridge and re-insert it.
Apparently, the printer is not recognizing the cartridge in the manner
in which it is inserted now.

Special thank you to the following people:

Dan Zambon
Tim Evans
Anthony Worrall
Runar Myren
Luca Pizzinato
Stuart Beck
Bismark Espinoza
James Ashton
Benjamin Cline
James Ashton
Roberto Dominijanni
Tom Schmidt
John Ballard

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