SUMMARY : TOP and multi-processors

From: Niall O Broin - Gray Wizard (
Date: Tue Apr 15 1997 - 05:56:20 CDT

I had some questions as above and once again, Casper came up with the goods. In
fact, I think his answer came about five minutes after I got my copy of my question.
I can't explain the five minute delay - perhaps he was on a coffee break :-)

I can do no better than to quote him.


I have a 670MP with 2 processors running 4.1.3 and I compiled top accordingly.
This works fine and shows processes as being in either run/0 or run/1 depending
on the processor. The configure script says that this version should only be
run on MP machines. However, I've run it on another UP WS running 4.1.4 and it
seems to work fine. Can I rely on the information it gives me or should I
compile a different version and run a wrapper script ?


I think it should work fine (all sun4m kernels are alike, MP or not)


With Solaris 2.5 running on an MP machine I don't see any indication of
processor. I do see sometimes "1 running, 2 on cpu" but the man page doesn`t
acknowledge "cpu" as a posssible process state.


cpu = actually executing on a CPU
run = in the runqueue, not on CPU.

So, it seems that TOP's man page needs a little updating.

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