SUMMARY: SPARC 5 reconfigure woe

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Date: Fri Apr 11 2008 - 10:43:23 CDT

Original post:
> Any idea why booting with either the -r flag or /reconfigure is NOT creating
> the appropriate /devices/iommu.../sbus... file for my IOTECH SB488 card?
> The card tests ok using the vendors destructions and is installed in slot 2.
> Slot 3 contains a cgsix card, slot 1 is empty. I'm running ROM version 2.15
> what its worth. I called IOTECH tech support and they'll "get back to me".
> I figured the LIST would be quicker. Of course I'll summarize.

In the words of the infamous engineer H. Simpson ... "Dooope!" I knew this
once upon a time but have slept (and had a few beers) since then...

Thanks to Russ Poffenberger for his following solution/reminder:

Is this an IEEE488 card? Did you install drivers? boot -r won't do anything
unless Solaris knows how to driver it, which it doesn't (not a standard Sun
device). The manuf should provide a driver, then all will be well once it is

Now, if you have installed a driver, and you still don't get the devices, then
suspect that the driver cannot probe the card, which may mean that the card
could be bad. Or their driver is buggy.

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Thanks also to the following for responding:

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